Full Spectrum Marketing Services

1. Marketing Campaign Development, Analysis and Growth

1st: We run a full analysis on your current marketing strategies, including social media to determine effectiveness and ROI. We cut what isn’t working, and we save you money right from the start.

2nd: We determine who your customers really are with a full demographic work up, research and analysis. We determine the best data points, and categorize your customers.

3rd: We produce the creative to target your customers with precision. We create timeless, engaging, entertaining and informative content. We do all of this with the research in mind, then apply the engineering to fuel the fire!

4th: We produce a podcast aligned with your industry, vision and customer. This will extend your companies campaign beyond your obvious customer, engage new, and re-engage current customers.

5th: We create one optimal funnel: social media, email capture, squeeze pages, targeted ads, PPC and more!

6th: We integrate, implement and launch your customized marketing campaign directly to your now accurately targeted customers. This reduces your customer acquisition cost and increases your ROI.

7th: We will analyze the data and analytics, reform strategy where necessary, and redeploy with even more precision

8th: We will increase your 5 star reviews, but I can’t tell you how, yet. This service is on the house.

2. Website Development

Full customized website development services: Custom Builds (ANY platform), Re-Builds, Optimizing, WordPress themes,and more. ANYTHING you can image, we can make happen!

3. Social Media Management & Consulting

You can request a free consultation right now. We are selective with whom we work with because our reputation depends on the health and trust of your product and service. They must be something we can get behind. No offense, but we must be aligned with the product, service and especially those involved in the vision. Your business is your vision that you have turned into a reality, and the world should experience it. This is what we do for you.

4. Podcast Production


  • Create: We’ve done the research and produce multiple podcasts. We know the tricks and secrets you would have to learn the hard way without us. We know studio design and the gear to use. We help you create the name, theme, slogans, slugs, backend and frontend must do’s, music, categories, tags, feeds, guest booking and production operations, positioning, hosting and posting do’s and don’ts.
  • Integrate: We assist your current Web Designer, Marketing Team or Contractors with full platform integration. Our methods will help your podcast seamlessly integrate with your website, blogs, social media platforms, current marketing channels, tools and campaigns.
  • Operate: We help you produce the show: Gear set up, recording, editing, and creating the posts to send to your website, social media platforms, blog, YouTube channel, iTunes, Stitcher and more. We will teach you how to do all of this. We will show you how to book the guests professionally and with ease. (this takes longer than you may think). We will teach you all you need and more to operate your podcast.
  • Host: We can even host your show for you. We offer three different professional and seasoned Hosts to choose from; Adam Lowery, Patricia Mae and Steve Stone. We will even train someone in your Organization with our “On The Mic Training” as they help Co-Host, or Host from the beginning.
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