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“A podcast creates timeless marketing, increases your social media presence, tells the story of your brand, precisely targets your customer and reaches new consumers.

-Adam Lowery, CEO

We Do It All

We create, integrate, operate and host a customized podcast to help market and grow your business.

“People are listening to podcasts in record numbers, and smart businesses are getting on board.”

-Forbes Magazine

About Us

We are Podcast Marketing Engineers, Producers, Editors and Hosts. We have a decade in the podcasting business and have produced over 1000 shows for clients as big as Nascar, to small businesses, Start-Up Companies and even individuals.

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2019 Podcast Data

  • 70% of the US population, 227 million people know the term podcast.
  • 24% (80 million) Americans listen to at least one podcast per month.
  • Listeners are educated and wealthier: 45% more likely to have a college degree, 68% more likely to have a post-graduate degree.
  • Listeners are HNIs (high net-worth individuals), 45% more likely of having a net household income of over $250,000, which is a quarter million dollars, annually!
  • Men at 52% and 48% for women.
  • Listeners are more active on social media: 94% being active on at least one social media platform vs. 81% for the entire population.
  • Edison Research study on the audio habits of Americans found that podcast listeners are actually “super listeners”, consuming up to an hour and 45 minutes more audio per day than the average American – and they spend more than 25% of that total time listening to podcasts.

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